The Pit sounds like a terrible place to buy a time share, I won’t lie.  Then again, every old city has its nightmare rumors.

We had a blast at the Grand Canadian Steampunk Convention. It was so amazing to see and talk to the bands that were performing. They were personable, approachable and they really made you feel welcome!  The performers were as follows, with personal notes.

Jardin Mecanique : who did an amazing show on Friday night. The story was quite entertaining and the music was excellent.

Professor Elemental : For those of you unaware who this talented Brit is, I would highly suggest you get yourself acquainted. Not only is his work perfectly eccentric, proper and incredibly intelligent, but he is also one of the nicest people I have ever met. Not only was he this nice, approachable bloke, but he was EVERYWHERE. He invited people from his panel of Steampunk in comics for tea and wherever my eyes would fall, the man in the Union Jack would be there, chatting with fans and having a blast. He even took a card and said he’s check out the comic. I do so hope he enjoys it and if he’s reading this – I’m still searching for your weather machine; You cannot hide it, sir!

Steam Powered Giraffe: : As it was SPG’s first trip outside of the States, they seemed a little lost. There were some mix ups about currency, but other than that, they put on a great performance and truly showed that they didn’t need to be in the States to draw a crowd. We even got a photo taken with them =)

Abney Park : What can I say? We had a sit down with Abney Park when they had a panel for ‘Steampunk in Music’. They spent maybe three minutes on that subject and opened the floor to band related and personal questions. To say that they loved their fans would be an understatement – these guys are truly veterans of how to make a crowd get pumped up.  On top of that, they also put on the best performance/show/rock concert I have ever seen, heard of dreamed about. Captain Robert may have been off cue for one or two songs, but he made it up by being his energetic and incredibly charismatic self, laughing it off and playing it up to the crowd’s joy.  To be perfectly frank, both Alli and I were worried that they were not going to play Building Steam, as neither of us saw an accordion present.  Low and behold, near the end, Captain Robert swept one up and the song came on.  I still have trouble lifting my arms from all the fist pumping I did on that night.

Here are some images that were taken at the Con and in the hotel:


Unfortunately Alli’s camera stopped working through the day on Saturday so she didn’t get many photos.