And now we’re back – this time we should be on the road to one update every Monday for a while. Also, here’s the introduction to the Primals of OoME. This one in particular is known as Rex. He is cute, squishy and loves to give hugs (That usually end in the hugged being devoured).

In other news, OoME was accepted into the fold of Spider Forest. So far, they’ve been very supportive and are great people to chat and work with. You should check out the collective.

Other news, again! Alli is thinking of redesigning the site! Stay tuned, we’ll work on some changes and see how things go!

For those of you interested, three other comics joined with us into the Spider Forest collective – why not give them a look-see. Maybe you’ll enjoy your stay:

Ensanguine –
Heracles Knot –
Daniel –