This sounds completely legit. I am totally convinced that Patrick believes his daughter and her absolutely horrendous lies. Surely there is nothing else going on here at all!

This chapter is coming to an end, only one more page to go!

Something happened when we were working on the buffer – WordPress and Comicpress had a fight and the comic lost. So, we took it in, gave it a splint, put some food and water beside it and nursed it back to health with the help of Ran Brown – known for her amazing artwork in the comic: The End.

Now, it wasn’t just a little bit of work done on Ran’s part. Our site was in dire straights. If we tried to go back to WordPress/Comicpress, there would have been a lot of abuse being heaped onto our poor little comic.

Luckily, Ran convinced us to upgrade to Comic Easel – That, and she put a lot of time and effort into helping us redesign our site (Truthfully, she did the designs and we just sat there saying: Yeah, good choice, because she was kind of spot on with everything we needed).

So, welcome to the new and improved (2.0). If you don’t know who Ran Brown is, please, go check her out and give her a thanks in her comments over at The End.

With this new format, the previous news bulletins won’t show on the pages anymore, so that means that I, Jim, get to to write quite a bit more when it comes to these updates.

There are some negatives that happened, however. Comic comments were lost. ALL of them. It will take some time for our comments to build back up, but we’re sure that you guys are gonna keep giving us such awesome things to read when we come and check to make sure the page hasn’t exploded.