Big news coming to OoME! We spoke to a friend of ours. A friend named Gen. Gen wanted to help us out with OoME so we could increase our frequency of updates. This is her first page as colourist for OoME! Tell us what you think!

Sadly, we won’t be able to go to two updates a week just yet. We need to make sure that the workload is properly balanced and that Gen is easily transitioned into taking over the colouring (Plus Alli and I have to get used to the idea of working on two pages a week for you all. It’s harder than it sounds).

So, I would request that everyone give Gen a big round of applause and a huge thank you for allowing us to power on through and enter into a world of two updates per week!

Thanks, Gen! Next sushi is on us 😛

P.S: As a side note, commenting on the comic is now capable of being done anonymously. So if you didn’t comment because you didn’t want Disqus following you, or you didn’t want to leave a digital imprint, that’s fixed now!