Ah, their first spat. I’m sure this won’t reflect on the rest of their relationship at all.

The corsets came in recently and were tried on.

One of the ones for Alli was a little too snug because of the zipper location, but the other one worked exceptionally well.  That being said, we should have some preliminary drawings to post for you all in the near future.

The winner for the July pin-up was Snooty Carriage Driver, as was decided by our magical decision making machine (and votes) by the patrons.

As a reminder, we are stepping up to two updates per week so that you all can get your fix of OoME in a more steady dose, rather than waiting an entire week – all thanks to Alli working her butt off, Gen our colourist also working her butt off and me, sitting in my hammock, watching them work with a mojito in one hand and a whip in the other.

Man, my job is hard. *siiiiiiip*