If any of you were wondering where Val got her incredible Valness, well, I guess you don’t need to wonder anymore.

Con news: The materials for the con have been purchased. While we are still waiting for four pre-made items to arrive, we have the material required for what we need to make.

Alli and Gen will be working on coats for each other as well as a large coat for Jim.  We’ll upload some progress pictures soon!

In other news: Good friends to the creators got married on Sunday, August 10th. We at OoME would just like to take this chance to wish Joshua LeCompte and Samantha Campbell a happy union and the best for years to come!

Because of August being a very busy month for us with weddings and getting the con costumes ready, we will be only updating once a week for the month. Come September we are hoping to be back to twice a week.

Thanks for reading!