Well, at the very least, Jill is starting to notice things in her peripheral vision. Hopefully she’ll be quicker on processing what’s going on in that vicinity in the future.

The steampunk Expo is this coming weekend and we’ve got ourselves almost 100% complete. Jim’ s coat is looking pretty sweet, even if it is terrible, terrible gold pleather. Alli’s ensemble is ready and Gen’s got everything but the coat ready!

An amazing job done by the girls! We won’t have any screenshots for you next update, but we should have some the following week.

Speaking of the future, we will be remaining at one update a week until further notice – this is a temporary thing, but the girls need some relaxing time. After having slaved over the sewing for the costumes while simultaneously working on the comic, they deserve a reprieve. My guess is that come October, we’ll be up to normal speed, but don’t quote me on that.