Revealed bare is the worst kept secret in OoME – Lucien is in fact, an elemental. A fire one at that.  Though, I’d be willing to be no one knew he was a YELLOW fire elemental! As well. From here on out, due to a rather useful critique provided to us by the writer and artist of Sombulus, Alli has decided to start upping the ante of her art.

Be prepared for some camera angles, perspective changes and a whole bunch of artistic experimentation on Alli’s part – as you see in the current page. Let us know what you think, comments are always welcome and personal things you like and dislike about the comic so far could help us in making an overall more enjoyable experience for you, the viewers!

Here are 3 more new Spider Forest members!

Retroblade –
Demon Archives: Minerva –
The Ferrin –

Also Patrons please be aware that the reward tiers of OoME’s Patreon have changed. Please make sure you are matched up with the correct tier to get your rewards.

Thank You!