Sounds like a wonderful time. Probably a real hoot for the whole family! Why doesn’t everyone get processed!? There’s a line and everything.

To add to this, OoME now has a facebook page!. Go and take a look, like it and expect it to be updated much akin to a wonderful RSS feed or Alli’s tumblr and all the other Social Media goodness that the kids are on about! We’re hip, we swear!

On top of which, there have been some new members that have been accepted under the Spider Forest banner.

Tamuran – Evil Sorcerers were locked away for almost a millennia. Now, the magic that contained them has waned and they begin to return to the world. It is up to the heir of Tamuran to warn all those that could come under his banner in order to rally the troops and give the world a fighting chance against these ne’er do wells! Ruffians, I say!
Soul’s Journey – The young prince of a nation has decided that he wants something more from his life. Unfortunately, one must always be wary of what they wish for. Now that he’s a wolf, the young prince needs to truly decide what he wants – to be free or to return to his kingdom… but how would they accept a four-legged ruler, anyhow?
Halflight – This story follows the progression of a politically volatile situation between a few different factions of elves. With prejudices high and an unknown disease starting to cause some people to go crazy, it becomes apparent that something much more than just political intrigue is in the air! Gadzooks!