It’s CAMEO time! In the first panel we have Colby from What it Takes, followed by the almost always terrified and incredibly adorable Vector from Castoff. At the very back, we have Dr. Angeline Bellam√≠ from Demon Archives.

Also, Alli is totally thinking of doing a full poster-size picture of some of the propaganda pictures that you’ll be seeing a lot of in the near future – anyone interested?

More new arrivals over at Spider Forest! You should check them out:

Title Unrelated: What started off as a slice-of life style webcomic escalates into a tale of two worlds and lost family members. A truly interesting read and a diverse cast make this story a must-read for anyone interested in the idea of other worlds attached to our own.

Witches Get Stitches: Take the craziness from FLCL, the mindset of Invader Zim and add in a truly unique art style, sprinkling the whole thing into a hellscape setting and you’ve got yourself this absolute gem of a webcomic.

Bits Fair. : Calm, clearly drawn and visually appealing, this comic follows the exploit of three people, who by all rights, should never have found their way to each other. With an interesting take on a fantasy world life and a living, breathing culture within the comic, this webcomic will pull you in and never let go.