I tell you, I have never once heard of someone complain about how a high-guard treats them. Well, I have never bothered looking over their review files when dealing with the people from the reclamation. I mean, let’s be honest, these folks would complain about anything if they thought it would get them out of their service to Cog. Lousy ingrates.

In other news, three more comics from SF coming up:
Week 3: Science Fiction. Derelict, Cosmic Dash, and 6 Commando.
First we have Derelict: A post-apocalyptic world where some sun-sensitive aliens are around doing not-so-good things. This is one of those show don’t tell comics that has an amazing world behind it and an interesting way of playing out the story. I truly do recommend it to anyone who wants to see water world meets Fallout with aliens.

Second, we have Cosmic Dash. Futurama meets Ninja Turtles in space. I don’t know how to describe this comic other than wretchedly adorable and incredibly well written. You have to keep your eyes peeled because the story has a bunch of call backs to itself that only make sense when you finally see the big picture. The main cast is rather amazing and the fact that it’s brightly coloured and the humour is top notch is a huge bonus in my books.

Last but not least, 6 Commando: An alternate history story where the cold war is far from over, so to speak. The setting is interesting, with it spanning across multiple barriers between sides and cultures, with a war of awesome mechanical infantry thrown it because it’s god-damned cool. Two thumbs up!

P.S.: I hear there might be some kind of screwy thing happening on April fools. You should be on the look-out for something out of place…