About the Story:

Jillian Chevalier never really fit in with her noble peers. When a stint of wanderlust goes awry, the gears of her world begin to whirl out of control; Suddenly she finds herself befriended by a group of rebels, propositioned by the most powerful man in the city and to top it all off – the truth about her heredity is brought to light.

Now she has to keep the truth about herself hidden, satisfy her unending curiosity about the rebellion’s true purpose and rebuff the approaches of a man who could ruin her life with but a word.

About the Authors:

Jim Perry is the writer and world builder of OoME. He has never truly had an online footprint so far as it goes for creation. He is known as an avid gamer and is rather fond of PvP (Player versus Player) games. He is constantly building things behind the scenes and setting up important world facts that may never be brought to the forefront of the comic, but to him, they are an essential part of telling any story. When not fleshing out the story of OoME, Jim is often times writing other ideas or preparing for one of his weekly pen and paper RPG sessions in which he acts as the storyteller.

Allison Myres-Perry is the artist of Out of My Element and has been drawing since she could hold a crayon. She has done work in the past on other self-produced web comics, on sites like smackjeeves. Out of My Element is her first foray into a long-time running webcomic. She is the mother of two adorable little girls and between caring for them and drawing, she often likes to unwind by playing an MMO with her friends online.