Jillian Chevalier

Born in a minor noble house of Cog, Jill followed the prim and proper upbringing she was told to.That is to say, the upbringing of a proper woman to wed – be quiet, be beautiful and be supportive. However, something in the corner of her soul constantly struggles against these teachings and Jill does not know why.

Comics: 20
Recent Appearance: Ch1 19
First Appearance: Ch1 00

Patrick Chevalier

Born in Cog, Patrick grew up with the wonder of elementals about him. During his time of interning with the ministry of Human and Elemental Relations, he met Julie and the two married and had Jillian. He rarely speaks of his estranged wife and often times avoids confrontation with his daughter.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: Ch1 11
First Appearance: Ch1 02