Looks like Jill has a stroke of good luck! The General of all people believes her story and is sending out General Marie’s best man to take a look. Surely those rebels don’t have a chance of staying hidden from whomever Marie sends!

So, the artist wants to know if there is actually any interest in having a hard, tangible copy of OoME for our readers out there. It’s something a lot of the webcomic crew we generally chat with are doing now, and it seems like there is a decent crowd of people who would be interested in owning internet comics in a physical way.

Alli and I have discussed it and agreed that if our fan base keeps growing, such as it is and we reach chapter 6 (ending 5), then we will try and make a compilation book. The book will probably have 100+ pages. We’re not sure how this works, so if any of our fans who are also internet comic makers who have made their comics into purchasable materials have any words of advice (Don’t go over x pages, expect y problems, why oh why did you scan at 600 dpi, etc.), Alli and I are all ears.

Shameless plugs:

I AM ARG! – Great book for sale, especially if you are a cocknaisseaur. (See what I did there, Arg?)

Christopher – Christopher has used his new found fatherhood to inspire himself to make a webcomic. This is a comic that will play with your heart strings