And thus concludes chapter 2! We hope you’ve all had a good time so far and we’re psyched about starting the next installment!

With that said, the team of OoME (My wife and I) will be ceasing updates for about a month as we prepare a buffer so that the next chapter can be continually updated without interruption.

We wouldn’t mind if it some fanart were graced our way – Alli is dying to make a fanart section.  We’ve received two pieces already from Ran Brown (The End) and Gen Bruneau ( and hope that many more come our way so we can share people’s renditions of these characters on our site!

A shout out to the site: for the awesome hand-written font.

*For those of you unable to read the note: If you want to learn more/ 83 Le Chemin D’Espoire / Ask for Spicy Ginger bread / Lucien